Due to climate change and the bark beetle spreading in the reforested monoculture tree plantations around Goslar, a utopian post-war forest is dying. In huge areas of once wooded mountains and valleys the forests are declining. Together with the psychologist Gertrude Endejan-Gremse and local citizens, waldfuermorgen e.V.  was founded in January 2020. It is a non-profit association that reacts to the massive tree die out in the Harz region. Under the auspices of Mayor Oliver Junk and his wife Bettina Junk, through participation and the mutual exchange of knowledge, waldfuermorgen seeks to adapt the cultural legacy of sustainability to the needs of our present time. 

By planting trees with children and the local population, the goal is to rebuild the emotional and subjective relationship between humans and forests. In one of the planting areas of waldfuermorgen (planting area 00) 9000 children and youths each plant their own tree as part of a spiral pattern, which will enable them to care for it and watch it grow via web mapping services.

Waldfuermorgen, Gertrude Endejan-Gremse & Andreas Greiner, tree planting since 2020