The NON-FUNGIBLE-JUNGLE-TOKEN (NFJT) is a collaborative project with Bernard Vienat and association art-werk. The NFJT manifests itself in a numbered edition of 999 unique analog coins in a wooden coin holder with engraved individual data. It is meant to accompany and further enable tree planting as breathing sculptures and sculptors in an urban context, as well as the implementation of ecological and social art projects. A buyer of NFJT receives the right to fund the planting of a forthcoming tree.

Designed in a shape of a coin, NFJT is a reminiscence of the 50 Pfennig Deutsche Mark coin from 1949. Showing a woman putting a tree sapling in the ground, the coin honoured the “Kulturfrauen” who replanted forests in the Harz region and Niedersachen after they had been razed to pay off the debt owed to the British for World War II. However, instead of a woman planting a tree, the Non-Fungible-Jungle-Token shows the rover Perseverance, which landed on the Martian surface in 2020, tenderly cradling an oak sapling.