The molecular ordering of computational plants is a narrative sound installation created with composer Tyler Friedman. Against an electro-acoustic backdrop a chorus of humanoid voices announce a utopian and post-human history of human degeneracy in the face of increasing digitalization: limbs and physical movement become redundant and humankind, connected by a collective superconsciousness, moves back into the oceans as glowing unicellular organisms. While this immersive story is woven around the listener in a progressively darkening exhibition space bioluminescent algae light up, visualizing our unicellular future in the Earth’s oceans suggested by the audio play.

With kind support of innogy Stiftung für Energie und Gesellschaft and spoken words by: Gudny Gudmundsdottir, Spencer Saleban, Diana McCarty, Rachel O’Reily and Jochen Steinbicker featuring song by Janja Vuletic.

Tyler Friedman & Andreas Greiner, Berlin 2018