Fire Wire is a collaboration with the scientist Dreval Kostiantyn Grygorovych in Donetsk (Ukraine). On A computer mouse made from agar-agar and leaves, the fungus K-1 Irpex lacteus (Fr.) is suspended and grows.

Grygorovych is currently pursuing a research on the cellulolytic activity of the fungus K-1 Irpex lacteus (Fr.) at the Department of Plant Physiology at Donetsk National University. His aim is to let its enzymes metabolize organic waste materials and transform them into another form of organic compounds, which may be used as a future sustainable energy resource. Even if the combination of organic enzymes taken from living organisms and their biochemic reactions with life’s remainings (such as leaves, cotton, wood) might still be an uncommon alternative to the burning of petrochemicals, it is just another example of the energetic potential intrinsic to transformation processes.

Foto: Lidia Ryabchuk

Andreas Greiner, Donetsk (UA), 2010