Das Numen SONOR was exhibited at Schinkel Pavillon Berlin in 2013. The installation transformed the exhibition space into a sound sculpture. Seven seismographs were installed throughout the city in seven specifically chosen spaces and registered the vibrations around them. Having been positioned in a quasi-circular pattern around Schinkel Pavillon, the sounds of this cartography were submitted to the seven windows of the octagonal exhibition space – just as if the city was pressing on the pavilion as their center or compass. Through bass frequencies the variations in vibration become audible and palpable inside the exhibition space.

With kind support of Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam GFZ and Reckhorn LTD

Das Numen: Markus Hoffmann, Felix Kiessling, Julian Charrière, Andreas Greiner
Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin 2013