The inclusion of algae into human space is a way of recognising nature’s forced retraction due to expanding cities where human architecture excludes nature, restricting it to allocated park areas. In this experimental project the Bärenzwinger has been converted into a human habitat through different case scenarios; architect Ivy Lee Fiebig performs the idea of symbiotic living by sleeping in the bear’s cage, among other places, and spending time in the outdoor enclosure, where a biotope for algae is forming. Fiebig enters into a symbiosis with the algal bloom for the creation of a biological cycle on-site. While algae already provide new solutions within the fields of industry and research, Fiebig herself is working on modular designs for living architecture together with Andreas Greiner. Inside the Bärenzwinger, bioluminescent algae find their habitat within the architectural limitations of a sculpture.

In collaboration with Ivy Lee Fiebig, Bärenzwinger Berlin 2018

On occasion of the exhibit “Habitat” curated by Nadia Pilchowski and
Marie-Christin Lender, supported by Schott AG and Innogy